Thursday, August 26, 2010

Better Late Than Never! The Little White Dress!

 I should have posted this Mirror Mirror segment on how to wear the little white dress 2 months ago but it's been a busy summer. So here it is anyways.  I figure better late than never, the little white dress is a classic and this will apply next spring and summer also.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

MAX OUT! How to wear the Maxi dress EVERYWHERE this summer!

How do I love the maxi dress? Let me count the ways!!! The maxi dress may be my all time favorite summer piece, I have been obsessed for years! How could a piece of clothing get any better? They come in a variety of fabrics, prints and silhouettes. They are beautifully stylish and hide your body flaws at the same time! I love that you can find them in any price range and at any store from target to Neiman Marcus. 

In spite of what you have been told you don't have to be 6 feet tall to wear them! Maxis are great for just about every body type because they come in many silhouettes.
  • PEAR: Try a maxi with an empire waist to accentuate the positive.
  • APPLE: Go for an empire waist dress and maybe something with a v neck to steam line the body.
  • BOY SHAPE: Just about any maxi will look great on this body type. Look for a dress that has a waist to add some curves.
  • PETITE: Look for an empire waist maxi, this will give you shape while also elongating your body. For added height, try a wedge! 

A maxi dress should come down to your ankle. I sometimes like mine a little longer. While they come in various long lengths I always think an ankle length dress looks best.

The maxi dress is everything from boho to chic.
Where do you where them? The beach, out to lunch, in the city and out in the evening.

On the beach or in Greece...fabulous!

The Look: 
Always gorgeous back to a metallic sandal, you can also try a wedge.

Add some accessories and you are ready for a day of beach lounging or site seeing!


Try this simple black maxi and add...

a cute leather vest, gladiator sandals, a pair of sunglasses...

or a fabulous city bag!

The Look:

With all the changes to your body that you happily accept finding cute maternity clothes is just an ugly reality. And for fashion girls like myself, it's been hard to find maternity clothes that I love and feel good in. Enter the maxi...

I am wearing them the same as I did before. It's comfortable (always a plus) and I get compliments! Feel free to wear them loose or fitted. Suit your mood!!

*Maxi Dress Quick Tips*
- Own your look! Wear your maxi with confidence.
- Watch out for stiff fabrics. Sometimes they can add weight in unflattering places. Plus, one of the reasons we love maxis is the comfort!
- Watch out for pocket in unflattering places (like the hips)!
- We love maxi dresses in all kinds of prints and silhouettes!

My favorite maxi dress brands are:
Tea Bags
Ella Moss
Rachel Pally

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fashion Show Dressers Needed!

I am looking for several dressers for a fashion show I am producing in May. If you are interested please email me!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Video Add-On to How to Choose the Right Jean for Your Body

Here is an add on to my previous denim post! I did a segment on Mirror Mirror with host Rebecca Spera on the Live Well HD Network based on my blog post How to Choose the Right Jean for Your Body.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

High Heel Heights

This is a fun segment I did for Mirror Mirror, on the Live Well HD network, on high heels and the proper height.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How To Choose the Right Jean for Your Body

One question I get asked quite a bit is: What is the most important piece of clothing in one's wardrobe?

The answer to that question has changed a bit over the years but these days I would have to say that jeans are definitely at the top of the list. These days, as dress codes are easing up everywhere from work to evening parties, jeans are acceptable almost everywhere.

Jeans are easily the most versatile piece of clothing in your closet. They can go from casual to dressy with the change of a top. Jeans have become such a staple that now, it's easy to have a whole jeans wardrobe. Light, medium and dark colored, skinny, straight, boot cut and wide leg, jeans for flats and jeans for heels; I, personally, find all of these to be important!

Here are some guidelines for fitting and buying.

Just go ahead and get over the cost of premium denim already! Jeans last for years and as I have already said, they are the most versatile thing in your closet. INVEST in at least 2 great fitting pairs of jeans, one for high heels and one for flats.


1. Consider your needs. Dressy or casual? Boot cut or skinny (to tuck into boots)? If you want a dressy denim go dark, for casual go light. For something in between dressy and casual choose a good medium to dark blue.

2. When heading out to try on jeans, panties make a big difference in the way your jeans look on your rear end. No granny panties please. Thongs are best. (I highly recommend Hanky Panky's)

3. Great fitting jeans now come in a variety of rises; low, mid and high. Choose the one that you feel the most comfortable in.
*Ultra low isn't a good choice for anyone. No one wants to see your panties...ever!

4. Buy your jeans as snug as you can comfortably wear them. Trust me! They WILL stretch, I promise! They will stretch the least in the waist band and the most in the rear and thighs.

5. Check out your rear end, it is one of the most important things to consider when buying jeans. You want your jeans to give you a cute "bubble" not "pancake".

6. Length is VERY important. Consider the shoe you are going to wear, the hem of the jeans should be dragging the floor just a bit. Again, trust me! Jeans shrink in length over time. If your are shopping for a skinny, below the ankle is a good length.

7. Jeans should not gap in the waist. If it gaps, there is a better fit out there for you.

8. Not too loose behind the knee.

9. Choose a jean with a little stretch in them. This won't be difficult as most premium denim is about 2% Lycra or spandex. This helps the jeans hold their shape. 100% cotton will loose it's shape after a few hours of wear.


1. Don't let the long length of jeans scare you away! You can always shorten them but you can't make them longer!

2. Before having your jeans altered, wash them first. Most jeans shrink (in length only) about a quarter of an inch the first time you wash them.

3. Take the highest heel you are going to wear with your jeans and have your alterations person leave them dragging the floor just a bit. They will shrink in length again after alteration (as well as a little more over time).

4. The proper length for your jeans is almost touching the floor.

5. Many alterations places can now put the original hem back on the jeans. Find a tailor in your area who can do this. It's not much more expensive and it's completely worth it.


1. Jeans are meant to be washed and dried. Drying your jeans shrinks them back to their original size. If you don't dry them they just continue to stretch and grow.

2. Do not dry clean. It ruins the stretch.

3. Wash new jeans separately a few times. The dyes they use on jeans can wash off on other items in the wash.

Faux Pas:

1. A bad fit: flat rear, gaping waist, too big, too small, etc.

2. Muffin top. If the jeans are squeezing your "fluff" over the sides of the waist band, it's not a good fit.

3. Too short. Jeans should be almost touching the floor. Anything else just doesn't look polished.

4. No peek-a-boo panties.

5. Don't buy a jean that doesn't fit you right just because of the brand. There are so many good brands available you should be able to find a good one for your body type.

Tricks :

1. The darker the denim, the slimmer you look.

2. If your jean is the proper length, long, it will make you look taller. An ironed crease and/or seams stitched in another color running down the leg also makes you look taller.

3. For an instant butt lift, look for a jean with a curved yoking. The yoking is the thick seam in between the waist band and the pockets.

4. Pocket placement is important. Pockets that sit too far apart on the rear can make your rear look wide. Consider that some larger pockets can make your rear look smaller.

*Bonus Info*
Here are a few brands I recommend for certain body types.

Boyish figure- Paige , Rock and Republic
Normal to a little curvy- Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, Red Engine (mid rise)
Super curvy (most jeans gap in your waist)- Joe's Honey, Cookie Johnson/ CJ Denim (for mid rise)
Apple shape (if you gain your weight in your tummy and have thinner legs)- Paige
Tall- Rock and Republic, Hudson, Paige