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If you scroll back threw old posts you will probably find more than one post about jeans. It's such a popular topic that I am asked to speak about it often. I could seriously go on and on!
Here is another jeans segment for Great Day Houston.
I am adding my show notes because five minutes is just not long enough!

 *Please remember that these were my actual notes for the show. They may not be grammatically correct!*

Denim Trends
-While blue denim is always in style, have a little fun and bring some colored denim into your wardrobe.
-Distressed is also very in this year.

Before you try on
-Keep an open mind. You might be surprised at the style that fit's you best.
-Wear the right panties. A thong is best. Many brands are comfortable. Try Hanky Panky or Comando. It makes a difference, I promise.
-Look for a denim that is around 98% cotton 2% Lycra, Spandex or Elastin
-You can not be a size shopper when buying denim. Every brand and every style run differently. Even the same brand and style of jeans in different types of denim may cause you to have to go up or down a size.
-Know your options. Low, mid and high rise and skinny cut, straight cut and boot cut. Don't let the name or type of jean scare you.
Know your body type.
When buying jeans the rules about what looks good are the same for everyone. It's not about having a certain brand or style, it's about finding the best fit for you.
-All body types can wear skinny cut, straight cut or boot cut. It's about how you wear them.
Skinny cut and straight cut look great on everyone paired with a looser fitting or tunic top and a pair of boots.
-Boot cut is the most versatile type jean and can be worn with most everything. Remember to have a little balance in your look. Because of the flared bottom don't go too baggy and loose on your top.
Don't be afraid of a low or mid rise jean. I rarely recommend a highrise for anyone. They are generally unflattering on most body types. Whether you need an low or mid rise can often depend on whether you are long or short waisted. Give them a try and see what works best!

-Medium to dark blues are most versatile. They can go from day to night and they look good with most all colors. Dark is also slimming.
-Light denim is nice but if you are looking to spend money on one pair of jeans go darker. Light denim does not look as good with most colors.

-Jeans should be a little snug when you first put them on. They will stretch as you wear them. A clue that they are too tight is if there are distinct wrinkles in the back of your legs that are cutting into your legs. Too loose will give the illusion that you are bigger than you are.
-Waist: there should be no gaping in the waist nor should it cut into your sides. It should lay flat.
-Rear End: This is one of the most important parts of finding the right jean! Choose a jean that gives you a little roundness and lift. Don't choose a jean that flattens you. Watch out of pocket placement. Too wide, too close, too big or too small can give you an illusion that is not flattering. Also, watch out for the yoking. (What is Yoking, you ask?? It's the thick seam on the back side of the jeans under the waist band and above the pockets.) It can be low,  high or even have a downward curve. Any of these can be flattering or unflattering depending on your body type. Be sure to take a nice long look at your rear end in the mirror!
-Legs: Jeans should fit snug in the back of the leg all the way down to your knee.
-Length: Length is important. If it's not right it really makes for an unpolished look. It can also  take an expensive jean and make it look cheap. This is definitely a faux pas! On a boot cut jean, the hem should fall halfway down the back of your high heel. On a skinny jean the hem should be anywhere from below your ankle to mid heel (shoeless).

Denim is meant to be low maintenance. Washing and drying is perfectly acceptable. i recommend washing them inside out or on cold and gentle. To save your darker colors and denim washes try adding a cup of vinegar to your wash. Do not dry clean as this ruins the stretch in your jeans. If you feel they need to be pressed try ironing on low. One last tip, wash your new jeans alone the first or second time to protect your other clothes from the possible bleeding.

Women don't have to spend big money on every item in their closet but I always recommend that a woman have a nice handbag and a nice pair of jeans.

A special thanks to Saks Fifth Avenue for the clothing!


Take Your Winter Trends Into Spring

It's so rare that I get to work with my fellow Houston stylists and bloggers. I really enjoyed doing this segment on Great Day Houston with Todd Ramos and Sarah Shah about winter trends that carried into spring. Leather into spring really is my favorite trend. If you have more questions on how to make that trend work, send them my way!!

Special thanks to Tootsies for the model's wardrobe as well as mine and  to Neal Hamil Agency for the gorgeous model!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jenny From The Block?

As I was flipping through a pile of junk mail the other day I noticed a coupon from Kohl's advertising Jennifer Lopez's new line. Even though the clothes in the advertisement looked good I was skeptical because I am not really a JLo fan and tend to not really love celebrity lines. I figured once I saw them in person they would look cheap. On the spur of the moment yesterday I decided to pop in to Kohl's and see if it was any good. $900 later I walked out with bags full for my clients. I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised. I was thinking "Jenny From The Block", cheap fabric and bad fit. Instead I found some great pieces at great prices. Don't get me wrong, not every piece is a winner but the line is totally worth checking out for yourself. The pieces are very lady like which I love.

One of my favorites was this great trench.
I love trenches but it can be hard to find ones that fit well. This trench is contoured and belted. I thought I would dislike the belt but when I tried it on I was sold. It's definitely trendy (as opposed to your classic trench) with the puffed sleeves and uneven hem but for $100 I think it's a win!

I also really liked this dress. It's so lady like, appropriate for just about anything and fabulous in winter white.

I also really like this dress because it's a great silhouette that looks great on a lot of body types and it's a very comfortable, movable fabric.

If you are looking for some great pieces at great prices (aren't we all?) it's worth a look.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Colored Jeans

Enjoy this Mirror Mirror segment on colored jeans and how to wear them!

Missoni For Target

While I believe some brands should be kept special, I am not going to lie, the Missoni for Target debut date has been marked on my calender for about 2 months. I HEART Missoni and have many for years! I couldn't wait to grab a few "steals" that I thought would go under everyone else's fashion radar. However as the days inched closer I began to see advertisements like crazy. While watching Morning Joe on MSNBC with my husband, the financial news junky, I saw the Missoni family being interviewed about the new Target line. I have to admit that my heart (selfishly) sank a little. I have seen Target do lines with major designers like Jean Paul Gaultier for years that go virtually unmentioned. This enabled me to catch a good deal on a somewhat unique item every now and then.  I knew with all of the publicity that this was going to be a sell out.

Low and behold September 13th rolls around and the Target website has crashed by 9AM and Houston area Target's look like the water and battery isles at a grocery store right before a hurricane. I find this extremely interesting. Missoni has been around since the 1950's. Even though they never really went away they have made a come back in the last several years. We have all seen labels like Gucci and Louis Vuitton float around on practically every body in the United States. People save up, charge and buy fake in a dangerous New York ally from a man in a black cape (some offenders shall go unnamed) to wear those brands. While always beautiful, classic and high end, I just don't feel like Missoni has ever been one of those brands that you see abused everywhere. I have to wonder, why all the interest now? Do these Target shoppers even KNOW what they are buying or is like ants at a picnic? Just a thought.

So, as a stylist, are you wondering what was in my cart when the site crashed??? Well, I'll tell you. I had several pieces of much needed sleepwear items as mine are starting to look worn. I also had 1 skirt and a plain black sweater (not to be worn together). I wasn't planning on buying much. Being that it's a line for Target and a popular one, I know it will be everywhere. Everyone will be wearing it and many will be wearing it wrong. If Target ever pulls it together and gets their site back up I will post pictures.

If you are planning to buy Missoni from Target here are a few tips.

-Don't buy every piece, this is a major fashion faux pas. 
-Buy a couple of pieces that you absolutely LOVE.
-Don't buy the whole look.
-Buy the top and wear it with different brand of bottoms or buy the skirt and wear it with a different brand top.
-Buy sleepwear. You can enjoy them in your home without seeing 50 other people with the same piece!

These tips will keep your look original.
If you did manage to get into Target and snatch up some major Missoni, don't look like a fashion amateur, take a few pieces back to the store.

Thursday, August 4, 2011